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PFF: Derrick Morgan and William Hayes Ready to Step Up

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The folks over at Pro Football Focus have a post up today about 10 guys that are ready to step up and fill the void by a player who left in free agency. They identified Tennessee Titans defensive ends William Hayes and Derrick Morgan as ready to step up and fill the void that is left by Jason Babin:

Babin was so impressive last year that if this duo can at least limit the impact of losing our tenth ranked defensive end they’ll have done well. Hayes may not be the flashiest but he played exceptionally well in his 555 snaps last year. If you don’t know what he’s capable of, watch what he did to one of the stronger right tackles in the league, Eric Winston, in Week 12. As for Morgan, well he only had 114 snaps as a rookie, yet in that time he picked up a couple of sacks and seven pressures. There’s talent in both these players.

Hayes has been a solid rotation player for this team for some time now, and Morgan is going to be one of the best defensive ends in the league this year. Book it! There is no doubt they can fill the void.