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Mike Munchak On The Initial Depth Chart

We had a post Sunday about Titans Online releasing a depth chart. The depth chart says that it is unofficial, but I said that there was some officialness behind it if it was posted on the official site.

Munchak was asked about the depth chart yesterday after practice. You can read his comments about it after the jump.

Right now, not much goes into those decisions as far as determining who is going to be starting on opening day. I think you have injuries when you come to practice. You have guys that are nicked and can’t go as much. You’re trying to get combinations to put there. On Saturday Cortland (Finnegan) wasn’t here, so you had another hole in the roster. I think at any position we’re doing that every day. That’s why you’re afraid to even put a depth chart out because people take it the wrong way. Sometimes players do; like who you’re putting first, who you’re putting in second. Something we have going on this year is that we have some great competition at a lot of spots where I don’t think anyone really knows who may start and who may not. Mike’s (Reinfeldt) been doing a good job. Him and Ruston (Webster) have been doing a good job of bringing in different players, especially in the secondary the last couple of days to help improve that competition level. I think we have a lot of unknowns right now at certain positions. We have a lot of good competition and I hope we keep it that way.

So the moral of the story here is that nothing is set in stone. There are a lot of spots in this camp that are wide open and actually have some good competition. We will get a little closer to knowing who can play and who can't this Saturday in the first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings.