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Chances of Chris Johnson Reporting Anytime Soon Zero

Chances of Chris Johnson reporting to Tenn soon? "zero" says source. CJ has no fear team penalize him.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

This should come as no surprised to anyone who has been following this situation. Chris Johnson has made it clear that he isn't coming to camp until he has a deal, and Mike Reinfeldt has made it clear that he won't negotiate with CJ if he isn't here. So here we sit.

Some people have been saying that Johnson needs to show up so he doesn't lose a year towards unrestricted free agency, but that isn't an issue for him because he is under contract for 2012 as well.

Again, I really just wish the two sides would lock themselves in a room until they get this thing done, because it is going to get done eventually, but apparently they are determined to let it drag out for a while. How awesome is it that the Titans have the only holdout situation in the entire NFL?