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Cortland Finnegan's Statement

Cortland Finnegan's statement from today is after the jump. You can see the video here.

I want to apologize to Jim Wyatt and the media for this tirade of events that has happened. It has been nothing but a distraction to the team and was not needed first and foremost. Along those lines, we have had contract talks. I love the Tennessee Titans. First and foremost I want to be here long term. I want to retire here.

In the midst of all this when my agent was talking to the GM about a long-term deal because I wasn't happy about some of the things being said I let my emotions get the best of me. I had to take a step back personally, regroup, and talk to my wife and see what the next step was for me because I took the negotiations personally and I shouldn't have. It affected everyone in the media, the community and the team.

I apologize to Jim Wyatt for that. I want to be here long term. I love this team and what this community is all about. It got the best of me. I really took a step back and I needed to, personally, to regroup so I wouldn't say anything or do anything that would really affect me in the years to come.

It's about my family now. It's not about me. I realize this has affected the community as a whole. I just want to put it behind me. Again, I apologize to the media. I want to be here long term.

I know this affected my teammates. I have since spoken to them and let them know exactly where I was at with it all. That is really the basis of all this.

Again, I really like what Finny did here. He owned up, said he deserved to be fined, and apologized to everyone including the fans, the media and his teammates.

This was a distraction for about 48 hours, and that is all because he stepped up and did what he did today.