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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Report and Photos : August 5

© Karan Wadhwa
© Karan Wadhwa

First of all, you can view more pictures that my friend took, like the one above, here. He's an aspiring photographer, so the pictures he took are really nice.

I didn't get to watch much of practice today, so my notes are abridged. Many of you probably saw things I missed, so write a fanpost!

  • Kenny Britt was running in drills at the beginning of practice. It's nice to see him get involved again.
  • Javon Ringer didn't impress me much today.I think Stafon Johnson could be a good replacement for Chris Johnson if, god forbidden, anything goes wrong. From what I've seen, he's performed much better than Ringer. Stafon has a similar style to Chris Johnson, dodging defenders left and right, while Javon has a "smash" style. They are both quality backs.
  • Gerald McRath had a very good day. He put pressure on Hasselbeck a few times, forcing him to make some bad passes, and he destroyed Ringer in the open field.
  • Marc Mariani also had a fine day, coming back and adjusting to an ill-thrown ball by Jake Locker, and connecting on a play action pass from Locker. In my opinion, Locker looked a little better than Hasselbeck today, but both had their moments, as expected.
  • Shaun Smith is of the stockiest defensive tackle I have seen on the Titans since Albert Haynesworth.  He would have had a few sacks if today was a game.
  • Lavelle Hawkins was having his hamstring stretched out by trainers, but he seemed fine in drills.
  • The most interesting thing I have seen at training camp so far was the drill right before the 7-on-7.  The team gathered in a circle, with one offensive lineman and one defensive lineman in the middle, battling. The offensive line won, and the entire defense had to do up-downs.
  • Matt Hasselbeck did not impress me when signing autographs. While almost all players stayed until every fan got an autograph, including Cortland Finnegan, Hasselbeck left after around 20 minutes, disappointing many fans.