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Ahmard Hall: Distractions Only Add Up to a Losing Season

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Jim Wyatt has an article this morning about Corltand Finnegan's disappearing act from Tennessee Titans training camp, and it included this quote from Ahmard Hall that hits the nail on the head:

"We wrote the book on distractions the last couple of years. And distractions only add up to a losing season. We already know where that road leads us," Hall said.

"I am surprised Cortland left. I didn’t know what happened until I got to the stadium. I still don’t know why he did it. Hopefully the two sides can get it worked out where it won’t turn into an even uglier situation."

That really sums it all up right there. This team has been nothing but one big distraction for the past two seasons, and it has led them to two seasons that each included a six game losing streak.

The most frustrating part about all of this is that all we heard in the first week of camp was how this is a new administration with a new focus on being a pro and one team with one goal, but now we have one player who has decided to make it all about him and his money.

The only thing Finnegan is accomplishing here is being a distraction. He already knows that the team won't talk to him if he isn't in camp.

Finnegan is a very good football player who sometimes lets his emotions get out of control on the field. That hurts his team. Now he has let his emotions control him once again, and is once again hurting the team.