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Derrick Mason Signs with the New York Jets

Derrick Mason has agreed to terms with the New York Jets. The Tennessee Titans were interested in Mason, but it really always seemed like that interest was one-sided. He probably only has one year left to play, and he was looking for the team that gave him the best shot at winning a Super Bowl. I am more optimistic about the Titans than I was a month ago, but I still think they are a long shot for making the playoffs, much less a run at the Super Bowl.

If the Titans are going to end up with a veteran receiver now it will have to be Jericho Cotchery. He is the only veteran receiver still on the market after Malcolm Floyd agreed to terms with the San Diego Chargers yesterday.

Cotchery is definitely worth a look, but I am still concerned about his health.  He could be an upgrade if healthy, but receivers with injury histories seem to come here to die.