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Can Taylor Mays Play Safety in the NFL?

Just because it's annoying me... Taylor Mays ranked 81st (of 81) safeties in 2011 in pass D stats Success Rate and AdjYPA #FOA2011less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

That above is from our friend NewsToTom who writes for Football Outsiders. Ever since Adam Schefter tweeted yesterday that the San Francisco 49ers sent out a mass email trying to trade Taylor Mays this site has been lit up with comments saying "WE SHOULD TRADE FOR TAYLOR MAYS."

I understand that Taylor Mays is a big name, and I also understand that he put up some ridiculous numbers at the combine, but that doesn't mean he can play safety in the NFL.

Matt Bowen of NFP asked a long time NFL scout about Mays. Here is what that scout had to say:

"Big, fast and athletic, but average instincts and below average ball skills. Built to play SS, but isn’t a hitter. Better fit at FS where he can run and save TDs."

So he doesn't have the ball skills to play free safey, and he doesn't hit enough to be a strong safety. Remind me again why we would want him on the Titans.