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Jordan Babineaux Will Compete With Chris Hope

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I think as fans of an NFL team, we realize that there are going to be times where our favorite team, the Tennessee Titans, is going to be deficient at a position or two. That is part of what creates the parity that we have under the current system. We are all OK with that, we just ask that the best players on the roster take the field.

There were times in the Jeff Fisher era where it was obvious that some guys were going to be starters until they got hurt regardless of how they played on the field. The hope (no pun intended) is that the new staff will put the best players on the field. Period.

Mike Munchak's comments after practice yesterday on the addition of Jordan Babineaux lead me to believe that he, also, is a fan of playing the best player:

(on Jordan Babineaux competing with Chris Hope at the safety position)

I think we will, we’ll see how they perform for us; we like him, that’s why he’s coming. We thinks he’s a good fit for us and we’ll kind of see what happens. I think it’s just sometimes you can get a bit surprised, you don’t want to predetermine after someone comes in the door where we think we’re going to slot him, especially with new coaches. I think that’s the fun thing for these guys; they’re all starting clean, we’re letting them find their spots to some degree so I think that will encourage a lot of the younger guys and the guys that maybe haven’t had a chance to go in the past to know that they have fresh eyes on them. They’re going to have an opportunity to help this team win, especially in the secondary where we use so many players. Guys do get hurt out there unfortunately, so the more depth we create, the more it will help us as we get through the season.

We win? Yep, we win!