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Tennessee Titans Thursday Training Camp Links: Matt Hasselbeck Takes the Field

Tonight was Matt Hasselbeck's first time to take the field with the Tennessee Titans. He said the toughest part about being out there tonight was learning the cadence according to Teresa Walker:

"Learn the cadence, I know it obviously," Hasselbeck said. "It's not that hard to learn, but when you get in a live competitive situation I think I reverted back to some of my old stuff. But Geno (center Eugene Amano) and those guys up front did a great job hanging in there with me snapping the ball. I think I only went the wrong way once — that anybody noticed anyway."

Justin Gage said it won't take long for Hasselbeck to get up to speed according to Paul Kuharsky:

"In a day or two Matt will be right there with the rest of us. You can tell just from today, he’s a fast learner, he learns from his mistakes."

Mike Munchak said that Hasselbeck looked like a rookie running out on the field according to Jim Wyatt:

"I thought he was a young rookie he was so excited,’’ Munchak said. "I thought we had a good tempo going up until now but he really picked things up. He brought a lot of energy and excitement and I think the guys are really looking forward to watching him work. I thought he did a nice job."