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Matt Williamson Loves the Moves the Tennessee Titans Made in Free Agency....Or Not

Or not. Matt Williamson had this post on Paul Kuharsky's blog yesterday where he graded what each team in the AFC South did in free agency. He gave the Tennessee Titans a C-, the lowest grade in the division. He hates Matt Hasselbeck and Barrett Ruud, which were the two biggest acquisitions the Titans made.

His comments on both guys are after the jump.

On Hasselbeck he had this to say:
But I also don't see the infatuation with [Matt] Hasselbeck. He hasn't played well in two years; he is a major durability risk; and the Titans' interior offensive line is vastly overrated -- not a great situation for an aging signal-caller. Plus, Hasselbeck's skill set isn't similar at all to Locker's.

Williamson said all along that he thought Donovan McNabb made more sense to mentor Locker because of the similar skill sets. I do understand that, but it Hasselbeck having a different skill set doesn't mean that he won't be a good mentor.

On Ruud:

"[Barrett] Ruud is another overrated player, but I am not implying that he will be a liability as the starting 'Mike' linebacker. His tackle numbers just make him out to be a better player than he truly is. Ruud should provide valuable leadership to Tennessee's young linebacker corps.

It sure sounds like Ruud and Stephen Tulloch are pretty much the same player. All Ruud will have to do is cover someone and it will be considered an upgrade.