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2011 NFL Free Agency: Derrick Mason Visiting the New York Jets

Good morning, and welcome to your daily Derrick Mason post. It appears that Mason has a visit scheduled with the New York Jets today. That would give the Jets the oldest receiving core in the league, but it would be a pretty good one. I hope he doesn't end up there because then he would have played for my two least favorite teams in the NFL.

We have heard a lot from the Titans front office and Mike Munchak that they are interested in D-Mase, but it sure doesn't seem like they actually mean it because there hasn't been a visit or anything like that scheduled.

The above linked article also talks about free agent receiver Malcolm Floyd. The Baltimore Ravens have apparently made a contract offer to him of about $3 million a year. Floyd is a guy that is intriguing to me, but I don't think the Titans have any interest.

Braylon Edwards is also still out there....