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Fantasy Don'ts 2011

Matte Forte was a huge fantasy bust a couple of years ago, but seems to be back on the right track. Who's gonna flop this year?
Matte Forte was a huge fantasy bust a couple of years ago, but seems to be back on the right track. Who's gonna flop this year?

You've seen my Fantasy Do's 2011, now its time for my Fantasy Don'ts 2011. You might be surprised by a couple of the guys on this list. Others, maybe not so much. 

Let the debate begin...



QB Don'ts


Carolina Panthers (Jimmy Clausen, Cam Newton)

Neither will impress this year, especially in the fantasy world. Just stay away.


Eli Manning - Giants

Eli has never really been a fantasy superstar, just as he's never been the superstar his brother Peyton is. He lost Steve Smith this off season and still has the likes of Domenik Hixon and Mario Manningham, but he had them before, and still hasn't impressed. He's an okay bye week QB or number two QB, but he's no superstar.


Rex Grossman - Redskins

I expect him to win the job up there in Washington, but even when he does, who is he gonna throw to? Santana Moss is the biggest receiver up there, and he's good, but I still don't see that being enough. Until Grossman proves me different, leave him on the waiver wire.


Chad Henne - Dolphins

The "Savior" that never was. Henne almost lost his job to Orton in a trade this year, but somehow things fell through and he's still got the job. Doesn't mean he deserves it. Henne is at best a second stringer in this league and unless he's playing a terrible defense, leave him to rot in your leagues free agency.


Andy Dalton - Bengals

He's definitely not gonna be on your squad this year. If he gets injured, feel free to pick up Bruce Gradkowski. He's a pretty decent back up and did some nice work in Oakland this last year with a pretty un-potent offense. But back to Dalton, no.



RB Don'ts


Cedric Benson - Bengals

Not only is he due to serve jail time this October, he just hasn't been worth the roster spot. At best I'd use him as a bye week replacement. 


Knowshon Moreno - Broncos

Has yet to break 1,000 yards? Check. Slowed by injuries last year? Check. I'm not a Moreno believer and am skeptical as to whether he'll stay healthy this season and actually produce. He is under the coaching of John Fox, who last worked with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart back in Carolina who became quite the pair, but they both still suffered from injuries. He also has a famous TD thief behind him in the roster in the newly acquired Willis McGahee.


Joseph Addai - Colts

Another one that has never impressed me, I expect Addai to be some what of a lame duck again this year, though with Peyton Manning coming back off of surgery, he could see more touches and prove me wrong, but I doubt it. Manning has been the reason there hasn't been more pressure on him and if they're running it more, Addai is just gonna get stuffed more.


WR Don'ts


Steve Smith - Panthers

Poor guy, he's just caught in an ugly situation. Two young, potentially worthless, quarterbacks behind the helm and two tight ends that will probably steal most the receptions. Last year Smith had 46 receptions for 554 yards and 2 touchdowns with 3 fumbles. Don't expect big things from him this year.


Hines Ward - Steelers

Ward has been a great fantasy receiver for quite some time now, and his career isn't over, but he's not worth the pick anymore. He's 35 this year. Last year he had 59 receptions for 755 yards. That's 36 less receptions than 2009. I'd expect that to take another hit this year. He's in a crowded depth chart, bustling with talent and he's sure to get lost in it.


Derrick Mason - Jets

Old balls on a depth chart behind Santonio Holmes. Not to mention you've got Sanchez at the helm. Throw in Dustin Keller, and he's just not worth it.


TE Don'ts

This is a little harder to pick out than the ones that will be studs, so bear with me.

Anthony Fasano - Dolphins
You would think with a terrible QB like Henne behind him that Fasano would be the saftey release valve for this team. Apparently not. In 2010, Fasano posted a career high in receptions, with 39. It was also a career high in yards with 528 yards. He had 4 touchdowns as well. He's just not impressive. Most weeks he had 1-3 receptions for 16-25 yards. He's not worth blowing your pick on. You'd have better luck with Tony Moeaki, Who actually had a good rookie campaign last year until he was injured. He's still recovering from that unfortunately and may not be able to produce as well as this last season.

Tony Gonzalez - Falcons
This will probably be Gonzalez's last year in the league. He's been a HOF TE for years and a great one for fantasy teams, but I think he's done. Last year he had a big drop off in productivity, just like the year before. He also should lose receptions to yet another awesome addition to the Falcons offense, Julio Jones. Last year Gonzalez had 70 receptions for 656 yards and 6 touchdowns, expect to see those numbers decrease again this year. Unless you're seriously hurting at the TE position, let sleeping dogs lie.

Scott Chandler - Bills
I've never even heard of this guy. He's the starter for the Bills right now and he doesn't even have any real experience, besides being in the league for four years. He has one career reception after being drafted in the 4th round of the 2007 draft by the Chargers. How have they not spent the money on getting a real TE? They could have gotten Bo Scaife for heavens sake!

D/ST Don'ts




Next up: Fantasy Sleepers 2011