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Scout's Inc. Predicts the Tennessee Titans 6-10

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Scout's Inc. has done their team by team predictions for the 2011 NFL Season (In$ider), and they have predicted the Tennessee Titans to finish 6-10 and 3rd in the AFC South ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have the Indianapolis Colts winning the division at 10-6 and the Houston Texans coming in second at 9-7. I think they are right with the prediction that 10 wins can take the division title.

Some commentary from the Scout's Inc. post after the jump.

On the Titans pass offense:
Matt Hasselbeck will help offensive coordinator Chris Palmer use the TEs more, but Palmer also wants WR Kenny Britt to step up. Michael Roos and David Stewart are as underrated as any OTs in the NFL; if they can keep Hasselbeck upright, that will go a long way toward making this offense go.

That is spot on. This passing offense has the potential to be really good, but they have to keep Hasselbeck and Britt healthy.

On the rush defense:

The Titans front seven used to be feared. Now it's quicker but smaller and less physical, which hurts against the run. They hope the three DLs they drafted, including third-rounder Jurrell Casey, can help.

I think they missed the part where the defensive line added size in the offseason. They are still a draft or two away from being back to the size they want to be, but the interior is going to have a lot more beef this year than it did at the end of last year.