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Mike Munchak on Kevin Curtis

I said earlier this week that it is a bad sign if Kevin Curtis makes the Tennessee Titans roster, but now I am not so sure. After thinking about it further, Lavelle Hawkins is probably off the team. That means the last receiver spot is currently Justin Gage's to lose, so if Curtis plays well in the game Thursday night against the Saints, he could actually do us all a favor and push Gage off the roster.

Here is what Mike Muchak had to say about Curtis after today's practice:

(on what the early feedback on Kevin Curtis is)

He has experience, we like his speed, and we want to see how he fits with us. It’s hard to do that in a short period of time and we all know that. So we will see what in a game like situation on Thursday how he does and that’s what we will have to look at. We know what he has done in the past, so we are just going to kind of see where he is at for us for the future.

(on if he has admiration for what Kevin Curtis has had to overcome)

Of course, I think it’s exciting to see him come back out here, be excited about it, and put it on the line to see if he can make the team this weekend.

Good luck Thursday night Kevin. We're all counting on you.