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Frank Gore Agrees to a Contract Extension with the San Francisco 49ers

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers and Frank Gore have agreed to a contract extension that will pay him $13.5 million in guaranteed money over the next three years. Mike Reinfeldt has to be relieved to finally see a deal that makes some sense instead of the insane deals that have gone to DeAngelo Williams and Larry Fitzgerald.

Something interesting about Gore's deal is that it doesn't actually start until 2012. They aren't tearing up this year's contract. I can't see that happening with Johnson.

Gore wasn't happy with his contract, but he showed up to camp anyway. It sure would have been nice if CJ would have doene that, but oh well.

Hopefully Michael Lombardi is right and CJ2K will sign this weekend and not miss any football that actually counts. He probably only needs about a week of preparation to be game ready even with the new offense and signing this weekend would allow that to happen.