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Michael Lombardi: Titans and Chris Johnson Could Have A Deal Done This Weekend

Here's what just posted:

Appearing on NFL Network's Total Access, Michael Lombardi said Tuesday that the Titans are "ready to make the offer" that will get Chris Johnson to report for practice.

Lombardi characterized the Titans' approach as "very aggressive" because they want to get a deal done this week. After finalizing Michael Vick's contract, agent Joel Segal has his full attention on a new contract for Johnson. According to Lombardi, there hasn't been any hostility, "they've opened up the bank vault," and "it looks like they're going to pay him." Lombardi believes it's "not too optimistic" to expect a new deal this weekend.

I really hope this report is true, because we need CJ to be in Nashville and taking reps in practice as soon as possible. If the Titans really have decided to dig deep and get CJ his money, I have enough faith in Reinfeldt to believe he'll structure it in a smart way that gives the team an opt-out out in a few years. 

Coupled with the return of Kenny Britt to practice, this offense might finally look NFL quality on week one. 

Hat tip to @trevornewsome24