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An Interesting Look At Chris Palmer's Offense

Alen Dumonjic wrote a very interesting and very detailed post on Chris Palmer's offense over at Dumonjic says that Palmer's offense has a lot of staples of the run and shoot offense that Kevin Gilbride ran with the Oilers. Palmer was a coach under Gilbride for the Oilers.

You should click on the article and read the whole thing because it is really good, but here is the most exciting paragraph:

These three formations are very important to keep in mind when analyzing the Titans’ offensive weapons. The Titans have a quality running back, Chris Johnson, as well as multiple and versatile receiving threats, such as wide receiver Kenny Britt and tight end Jared Cook. Cook in particular jumps off the screen because of his ability to out-muscle linebackers while being able to run with defensive backs down the field. Players like these present matchup difficulties for defenses, which consequently gives the offense an advantage.
This team really does have a lot of weapons if they can get them healthy and under contract.

I am excited to see what Palmer's offense looks like when he has the full compliment of weapons.