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Tennessee Titans DE Derrick Morgan to Miss a Few Weeks

Mike Munchak said after today's practice that Tennessee Titans DE Derrick Morgan had his knee scoped and that he will miss a few weeks. The good news here is that there wasn't any additional structural damage, according Munchak, so that after he heals up from the surgery he should be good to go.

This is frustrating, but it isn't the worst news we could have gotten. My guess would be that he misses the first two games of the year.

This also increases the chances that a guy like Pannel Eghboh will make the roster. The Titans were without three defensive ends in practice today, Morgan, Jason Jones and Jacob Ford, so the likelihood that all of those guys are ready to go week 1 is very thin.

We know Morgan won't, and Jones and Ford both have a pretty long history of nagging injuries. Egboh can probably lock up his roster spot, at least for the beginning of season, with a solid performance on Thursday night.