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Derrick Morgan Went Back to See Dr. James Andrews

I am not sure there are any three words that strike fear in the heart of a fan like Dr. James Andrews. While there are times guys go to see him just to see how their progress is going from surgery, more often that not a visit to Dr. Andrews means a long period of time missed because of an injury.

So the news that Jim Wyatt posted yesterday saying Tennessee Titans DE Derrick Morgan is going back to see Dr. Andrews is not a good turn of events:

"I think unfortunately with the ACL sometimes you hit this thing where you get some soreness in the first year and he hit the wall last week with his," Coach Mike Munchak said Monday. "He had a good day, a bad day, a good day, and he just couldn’t get over the hump. So he traveled to see Dr. Andrews to see what is going on, how we can get that thing settled down."

Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this is just a check-up thing and a little rest will be all he needs.