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Tennessee Titans Wednesday Training Camp Links

It was a brutally hot day today in Nashville, with the temperature getting up to 101, and the Titans were on the field in the heat of the day. There were several Titans who sat out practice today according to Jim Wyatt:

Tackle Michael Roos (back), defensive tackle Jason Jones (shoulder), defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks (shoulder), receiver Kenny Britt (hamstring), receiver Joe Hills, safety Robert Johnson and linebackers John Stokes and Jonathan Cornell did not practice on Wednesday because of injuries.

It doesn't appear that any of these injuries are serious.  Mike Munchak said a lot of it had to do with guys having to go extra reps in camp because of the 10 or so players that can't get on the field until tomorrow.

A lot of us were yelling last year for Marc Mariani to get more reps at receiver. It sounds like Munch is excited to see what Mariani can do there as well:

He’s been fun. That guy makes plays, he’s one of those guys that’s got a feel for the game and I think Chris has taken a good look to give him a little more reps in there so he can get some confidence and maybe he can help us in other ways than just return the game. So, that’s what he’s been doing, and you know as I said he’s crafty, he has a feel for the game, and he can help us any time he’s on the field; he’s that kind of guy. So, I think we’re just going to find stuff he’s good at, so we know that when we’re going into the game that there’s maybe certain things he can do for us.