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Damian Williams Is Huge

Getty Images

Damian Williams has bulked up this offseason according to Jim Wyatt. He is up to 208 from 198 a year ago. Williams told Wyatt he needed to get bigger because of the physicality of the NFL game:

"The game is so physical, you have to have a cushion,’’ Williams said. "And that is how I kind of went into it. It is going to be good for me."

Outside of Jared Cook, Williams is my pick for breakout player of the year on this roster. He showed the ability to catch the ball when it was thrown to him last year, something Justin Gage hasn't show the ability to do, and hopefully will get a chance to beat out Gage this year with Fisher gone.

My only concern with signing Derrick Mason would be stunting the growth of guys like Williams and Marc Mariani, but I am going to have faith in this coaching staff that, unlike the last staff, they will put the best players on the field.