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The Tennessee Titans Are Still Talking About Derrick Mason

The topic of Derrick Mason came up again after yesterday's practice. I keep waiting for Mason's name to surface in some kind of rumor, but it has been extremely quiet when it comes to Mason. It is obvious that the Tennessee Titans have interest in him, both Mike Reinfeldt and Mike Munchak have said as much, but it remains to be seen if he feels the same way. He said in an interview on The Afternoon Pressbox on 560 here in Nashville that he did, but what would you really expect him to say in that setting?

I still think it would be a smart move for the Titans to sign him. He would bring a steady presence to the receiving core and the offense as a whole. The Titans have to think about having some insurance for if/when Kenny Britt goes down (again). We saw how bad the offense was last season without him out there.

I do like the group the Titans have with Britt out there, but it is pretty weak without him. Mason would fix that. He wouldn't just be a mentor because he can still play football. The Titans need to make it happen.