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Good News on the Kenny Britt Front

Smash posted last night that the NFL has announced they will not be suspending Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt. That is obviously very good news for Britt and the Titans. I was just reading through his comments from after the game last night, and it appears that Britt has decided to move to Middle Tennessee:

My house is in Tennessee, and so is my wife and my daughter, so I’ll be here for the rest of my life, I guess. They are liking it. Cool Springs Mall is right there, so they are loving it.

While Britt has had a couple of incidents in Tennessee, the majority of his problems have come in New Jersey. It is a good step in the right direction that he realizes that and has decided to remove himself from the situation.

Now we just have to hope that he can get his legs right for the season. I heard someone, I think it was Jonathan Hutton, say on the radio this week that the biggest reason for not having him play this week was because they wanted to give him time to get ready for the game against the Saints on Thursday, and they didn't want to try to play him in both because of the quick turnaround time.