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Bears vs. Titans: Three Players to Watch on Defense

Here are three players to watch on the defensive side of the ball in tonight's game:

  1. Jovan Haye- Haye has been on this list every week so far. He has been OK in the first two games but probably hasn't done enough to justify paying him the money that he is owed this season. He will need quite a performance tonight to justify his spot.
  2. Nick Schommer- Schommer is a guy that has been on the back end of the roster for a couple of years. It is time for him to show that he can actually play. Safety is a crowded position this year since the Titans have brought in a couple of veterans to push the young guys.
  3. Vincent Fuller- Vinny took a pay cut in hopes of being able to make this team, but I am still not sure that is going to be enough for the Titans to hang him on this year.