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Titans vs. Bears: Three Players to Watch on Offense

Tonight is a big game for a lot of guys on the bubble because the first round of cuts happens this week.  Here are three guys to keep an eye on tonight from the Titans:

  1. Lavelle Hawkins- We keep waiting for The Hawk to take off, but it still hasn't happened.  He had a good catch in the first preseason game but got lost on a route last week.  The fact that the Titans signed Kevin Curtis yesterday is not a good sign for Hawkins.
  2. Stafon Johnson- Johnson is the feel good story of the century, but he would seem to be the odd man out when it comes to a crowded backfield.  The only way he is going to make this team is if he is really impressive on special teams because he is clearly the fourth running back right now.
  3. Rusty Smith- RUUUUUUSTTYYYY hasn't been impressive so far and keeping a third quarterback isn't automatic this year since the third QB counts on game days this season.