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MCM Friday Night Open Thread

The NFL Preseason schedule is pretty light tonight, so use this thread to discuss anything that is on your minds. Again, I appreciate all of the support you have given us for MCM Radio. We are really close to having enough to make sure we can continue to do the types of shows that we did last year, and we promise to step our games up because ya'll have financially supported us.

Tonight the nationally televised game is the Packers @ the Colts. Tune in to see just how bad the Colts are without Peyton Manning.

I haven't seen whether or not Kerry Collins will play in this game, but I am assuming he won't since he just signed this week- although it might not hurt to get him some work....

The only other game on the schedule tonight is the Rams @ the Chiefs. Sounds like a game that I wouldn't even care about watching in the regular season.