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Matt Williamson Hates Tennessee Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck

So Matt Williams, who I think is an excellent judge of talent, apparently hates Matt Hasselbeck. He has said on multiple occasions that he hated Hasselbeck as a mentor for Jake Locker, and his reasons for that did make sense. They don't exactly have the same skill set, but there is a whole lot more to being a mentor to a QB than that.

Now Williamson has done his rankings of quarterbacks for (In$ider), and he has Hasselbeck ranked 31st, which is just absurd. Here are some of the guys he has ranked ahead of Hasselbeck- David Garrard, Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Tim Tebow, John Kitna, Shaun Hill and Alex Smith.

I understand that Hasselbeck hasn't been good the last couple of years, and he isn't anywhere close to being the player he was five year ago, but to put him behind guys that have never been good is crazy. I mean seriously, Tim Tebow?