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Help Make MCM Radio Better Than Ever


Hey folks it's August West here with a special message: we need your help to MCM Radio survive.

If you read Jimmy's post last night, you know that Blog Talk Radio went to an expensive pay model a while back. It just killed our ability to bring you the kind of thoughtful, sincere Titans analysis you've come to expect from Jimmy, and the kind of rambling, George Dickel-fueled rants you've learned to tolerate from me.

As much as MCM Radio means to the both of us, we just can't pay BTR's $400 a year price ourselves. Jimmy has kids to feed, and I have (100% legal) addictions to support. Without the premium service we're limited to one 30-minute show per week in time slots Conan O'Brien wouldn't put up with.

What we're asking is for everyone who listens to the show and wants it help us grow this thing to donate a little bit of your hard-earned money to help us go premium on BTR. If we can get there, we'll promise our beloved MCMers at least a half-hour post-game show, and a one hour Wednesday night show just like we had last year. Whenever there's an organic opportunity to do more, or improve what we're doing, we'll do it.

Since Jimmy put the original post up about this last night we've already received $200 in donations, which by my math means we're already half way there. We're hugely appreciative to everyone who has chipped in so far; you have no idea how much your generosity means to all of us.

So please, open your heart, and donate to MCM Radio. I know we don't feed the homeless or do lifesaving humanitarian work in third-world areas like downtown Baltimore, but we love doing this show, and we want to keep it going in the manner you've come to expect.

If you would like to donate, please send your payment through Paypal to Every little bit helps, and it'll all go to supporting MCM Radio.