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MCM On The Pulse Network

I was on The Pulse Network yesterday to discuss the Chris Johnson holdout amongst other things surrounding the Tennessee Titans. I had never heard of TPN until they contacted me last year and asked me to come on and talk about the Titans. It is actually a pretty cool deal. They do a live sports show every day from 9-11 central. They feature a lot of bloggers which is something I enjoy as a change-up from the mainstream media guys.

Part of my episode from yesterday is posted after the jump. If you are wondering about the Fredi Gonzalez reference, that is in there for Gramsey because he loves Fredi so much.

We also talked a little bit about Kenny Britt, but he didn't include that part in what he uploaded.  You really should check this show out sometime if you have the chance.  It is pretty entertaining, and like I said, a nice change of pace from the same old stuff.