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Mike Munchak Says Titans Have To Be Prepared to Add Veteran RB

Earlier today Pro Football Talk had a post saying that Mike Munchak said the Tennessee Titans were exploring the option of adding a veteran running back. Well it turns out that isn't exactly what Munchak said according to Jim Wyatt:

"You are always playing that game. What if?,’’ Munchak said. "We’d be fools not to have some answers if for some reason Chris didn’t come in for however long. We can’t sit here and be flat-footed, and I think Chris understands that. We have to move forward and we have to do whatever we can as a team."

Wyatt also mentions in his article that the team has no plans of trading CJ.

What Munchak said today is very different than saying they were looking to add a veteran running back. He simply said that they have to be prepared to go that direction if things with Johnson don't get worked out in time for the regular season.

It is interesting that he said something like this though instead of saying that he would be confident in Javon Ringer and Jamie Harper to carry the load if CJ2K isn't here for the opener.