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Adrian Peterson Isn't Paying Much Attention to Chris Johnson Holdout

Minnesota Vikings running back joined 105.3 The Fan in Dallas with Shan and RJ this morning and they asked him about the Chris Johnson situation (via Sports Radio Interviews). He said he really isn't paying that much attention to what is happening with CJ because he doesn't think that affects his deal very much. I get the feeling that Mr. Peterson isn't telling the truth:

Matt Forte, Frank Gore and Chris Johnson have all had holdouts, why didn’t you do the same?:

"I’m pretty much in a good position right now. I’m kind of in the driver’s seat, so I just decided, hey, it’s my last year of the contract, I’ll stay faithful to it and I’m going to go out and focus on doing what I can do to help this team win a championship. … Everything else will work out on its own."

How closely are you following the Chris Johnson talks to see what kind of money he gets?:

"I’m really not following it too much. To be honest, I wish him the best. I hope he gets as much as possible. But I don’t feel like whatever he brings in will affect my contract at all."

There is no one in the world hoping that CJ2K is able to blow open the running back market more than Peterson because it absolutely affects what his next contract will look like.