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Andrew Brandt Talks Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson Holdout

After the jump is Andrew Brandt, ESPN's NFL business analyst, saying a lot of the same things we have been saying all along about Chris Johnson and his holdout. The key points that Brandt makes:

  1. CJ is not going to settle for running back money. The running back market has been stagnant since 2004. He wants to go way above that. Brandt makes the point that Larry Fitzgerald's deal was a whole new realm for wide receivers. CJ wants to know why he can't do the same thing.
  2. This deal is going to get done. Just like I have been saying all along. Brandt predicts Labor Day, and I think that is pretty spot on. He needs to be here for the full week of prep for the Jaguars.

I just really hope Johnson really is in good football shape. How many times have you seen a guy holdout like this just to come in and pull a hamstring? It happened to Darelle Revis last season.