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Last Night's MCM Radio

Last night was another fantastic episode of MCM Radio. As you would expect, we spent most of the show talking about the whole Chris Johnson contract negotiation, but there was also talk of Kenny Britt and whether or not he should be suspended. That all led up to the post-BTR time conversation about Donnie Nickey- which was nothing short of fantastic. You have to listen to that part even if you listened to the show live last night because that part didn't get aired.

As a side note, does anyone out there have any ideas of other sites like Blog Talk Radio where we could do a show like this. I really love how the BTR deal is set up, but they have really hammered us with the premium thing. It now cost $39 dollars a month to have a show during "prime time" (6-10) or have a show that lasts more than 30 minutes. So let me know if you have any ideas for other sites, or even if you know of someone who might want to sponsor the show let me know.


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