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Javon Ringer Over/Under Rushing Yards

Here is another tricky one. Javon Ringer has tallied a whopping 287 yards in his two years in the league. That is mainly because he was behind Chris Johnson who Jeff Fisher was determined to run into the ground.

Or is it? Can Ringer actually cut it as a #1 back in the league? We don't know the answer to that question because he hasn't ever gotten the chance. I really hope we don't find the answer out this year either because that would mean that CJ's holdout has extended into the regular season. What I do hope we see from Ringer this season is 5-10 carries a game while CJ gets a rest. Hopefully some of those carries come at the end of games where the Titans have a big lead and a coaching staff that is smart enough to put Ringer in for mop up duty.

I am putting the over/under on his yards at 500.5.