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Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson is Headed Back to Orlando

Jim Wyatt tweeted earlier tonight that Chris Johnson is already headed back to Orlando. Wyatt also tweeted that the Tennessee Titans did make CJ an offer, but obviously it wasn't anywhere close to what Johnson is asking. So it sounds like CJ really just came here to get an official offer, because the Titans wouldn't give him one until he did, and headed back to Florida as soon as he got it- which is awesome.

It is time for Mike Reinfeldt to leak what that offer was to the press. The public had been overwhelmingly on CJ's side before the last couple of weeks, but that has started to change. If the Titans made Johnson an offer somewhere north of $25 million guaranteed and he turned it down, you can believe that people would turn against him in droves.

I am now only 65% sure that this gets done before opening day. Reinfeldt did say today that he expects to talk to Joel Segal in the next couple of days. That is the only good thing to take away from this.