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MCM Radio Tonight 10 PM Central


Tonight August and I will give you brand new information about the Chris Johnson negotiations. OK, so that isn't true at all, but we will talk about the situation and when we think it ends.

We will also talk about the ridiculousness that is the fact that the Titans still don't know whether or not Kenny Britt will be suspended for his transgressions during the lockout, and finally, if there is time, I will bring up the fact that Donnie Nickey announced on Nashville radio today that the new kickoff rules are screwing him out of a job. We all know how much August loves Donnie Nickey, so there is no doubt he will agree with that assessment.

Anyway, tune in tonight. We have plenty to talk about so it should be a good show. If you cannot join us tonight, no worries, I will post the episode on the site tomorrow for your listening pleasure.