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Chris Johnson Arrives in Nashville

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Chris Johnson has arrived in Nashville, but he didn't have much to say according to Jim Wyatt:

Asked if he thought a deal could be worked out soon, Johnson said, "I don't know. ... I want to be here. We'll see."

Asked what would happen if the Titans didn't meet his salary demands, Johnson said, "I have no answers today. I'll answer that tomorrow."

It is a good step that he is in Nashville, but there is still a lot of work to be done. My guess would be that we are still at least a week away from any deal being reached, and that is probably a pretty optimistic time frame after Mike Reinfeldt said over the weekend that no offer had been extended because the sides were to far apart on the parameters of a deal.

I still say when this deal is finally done it ends up being a 5 year deal that gives CJ right around $30 million guaranteed.