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Kenny Britt Decision to Come Later This Week, Quad Now Bothering Him

Kenny Britt's meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell went well, as reported by Jim Wyatt on Twitter. Britt said that Goodell "was happy - not happy that I was in there for those situations - but he's a nice type of guy...He didn't scold me or anything." This is coming from the guy who may or may not have cursed Goodell on Facebook earlier this summer.

Britt said that Goodell told him that a decision will be made by the end of the week. It is important that the coaching staff can prepare for plans without Britt for a few weeks, if that's what it comes to. 

Also, on Mike Munchak's weekly radio show tonight, Munchak said that Kenny Britt's hamstring is healed for the most part, but now his quad is bothering him. Britt is questionable for Saturday's game against the Bears, but there's no way they'll risk worsening the injury by putting him on the field. The two biggest issues Kenny Britt has is staying out of trouble, and staying injury free. It does no good if he is eligible to play, but he can't due to injury.