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Tennessee Titans Have Three Players in Scouts Inc. Top 200

Scouts Inc released their top 200 players today (In$ider), and your Tennessee Titans have 3 players on the list. Chris Johnson is in at 17, Cortland Finnegan is in at 118, and Michael Griffin at 195. CJ comes in 7 spots lower than Larry Fitzgerald. Maybe Mike Reinfeldt will use that in the negotiations tomorrow.

It amazes me a little that Griffin is still hanging in the top 200. He looked like a top 50 player at one point, but that was three years ago.

Some analysis from Scouts Inc. on CJ, Finny and Griff after the jump.

Johnson is an undersized back with explosive speed and acceleration. He is more effective on off-tackle runs and end sweeps but will show decent effort running between the tackles.

He can get to the outside and turn upfield with a burst and shows excellent elusiveness in the open field. He is not a very effective blocker but will at least show some effort to get in the way. He is an effective receiver both out of the backfield and on downfield routes.


Finnegan is an undersized cornerback who thinks he's a lot bigger than he measures. He is a pesky defender who is always in the face of receivers, and disrupting their routes with a physical style of coverage.

He plays with a lot of confidence and energy and has very quick feet and excellent agility. He can flip his hips quickly to turn and run with receivers deep and shows good footwork and quickness in transition. He drives on the ball with a good short burst to close. He lacks elite deep speed but knows how to maintain position to avoid getting beat deep very often.


Griffin is an excellent athlete and is equally adept at ball-hawking run support. He is extremely active and shows excellent speed, foot quickness and body control.

He almost has corner skills in coverage and can flip his hips to turn and run with receivers. He shows good foot quickness and transition agility to drive on the ball in front of him. He shows good route awareness and can read the quarterback's eyes.