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Mike Munchak Ends Titans Training Camp A Day Early

Well it turns out that Monday was the last day of training camp for the 2011 Tennessee Titans. Camp was scheduled to go through tomorrow, but Mike Munchak surprised the team and wrapped things up today:

We gave some thought to it and we are going to give them off tomorrow. We won’t have practice tomorrow so moved up the fun they like to have with the rookies to today and that’s why I wanted to get a good work out in today so tomorrow will just be a chance for everyone to kind of take a break for a day. It’s going to give the coaches a chance to look over things and kind of game plan for Chicago and players will get a chance like it’s a Tuesday off during the week to catch their breath and get the treatment they need and then we have three long days where we are going to give them a full practice like we would in the season. We will get three good work days in so it will be good to take a break here after going through the training camp and the first two preseason games, let them get their feet under them and come back Wednesday ready to go.

This camp has been a huge success and has given the team a great start to the 2011 season. Munchak was all about changing the culture of the team, and he has succeeded in doing that.