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Former Titan Antwan Odom Shot in the Leg

This is why you don't ever go to the Bengals because bad things happen to you even when you aren't doing anything wrong. Multiple outlets are reporting that Antwan Odom was shot in the leg during a home invasion. He was taken to the hospital but is expected to be fine.

The ESPN article says that the police have identified the suspect and are looking for him. Is there anyone else here that wonders if that suspect is Pacman Jones?

Like I said, the good news here is that Odom is expected to be OK.

It doesn't appear that Odom is on a team right now. People always talk about all the guys that the Titans let get away, and Odom is one of those guys that cashed in on big year under Jim Washburn. The Bengals gave him a truckload of money, and he gave them 11 sacks in three seasons. Looks like the Titans made the right call on that one.