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Bud Adams Weighs In On Chris Johnson's Contract....Oh Boy!

It is a real shame that we don't hear from Bud Adams more than we do. It seems like he always has something valuable to add to whatever issue it is facing the Titans. Terry McCormick talked to Bud Adams about the Chris Johnson holdout, and here is some of what Bud had to say:

"I'm not gonna make any offer with the way he's acting. Life's too short."

I am not really even sure what that means.

This situation is starting to get ugly. Both sides are at fault here, but the Titans should have been focused on getting this done before Larry Fitzgerald got his money. I don't agree with CJ thinking that Fitz's contract is comparable to his, but he does and there is nothing anyone can do to change that.

Mike Reinfeldt finally admitted that the two sides aren't close on a deal. I think the next move has to be the Titans offering him a contract with close to $30 million guaranteed. I really think the majority of the people out there have been on Johnson's side in this whole thing, but that is starting to change with each week that running game looks good, and you better believe it would change if it got out that he turned down $30 million.

Regardless of the numbers, it is time for the two sides to sit down and work the regular season is only 2 weeks away. The last thing this team needs is this dragging into the games that matter.