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Three Down From the Tennessee Titans Second Preseason Game

Here are three people who did not help themselves last night:

  1. Michael Griffin- Griff needs to learn that when he is the safety he has to stay over the top.  That was a problem for him last season, and I was really hoping the new staff would fix that.  They haven't yet, but it is still early.
  2. Lavelle Hawkins- The Hawk had a chance to make a play on a ball from Matt Hasselbeck last night but just couldn't quite be there.  NewsToTom tells me I need to give up on the dream of Justin Gage not being on this team, but I still think it can happen with the emergence of Hawkins.
  3. The second team offensive line- They really tried to get Jake Locker killed last night.  He probably felt like he was back at Washington with all of the scrambling he had to do, and he wasn't able to step into most of his throws because people were in his face.