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Three Up From the Tennessee Titans Second Preseason Game

Here are three players who really stood out in last night's loss to the Rams:

  1. Jamie Harper- Harper was in the three down section last week after tip-toeing in the hole all night long.  Last night he looked like a completely different player.  He was running with authority, and he even punished a defensive back at the end of one of his runs.  Harper really upped his stock last night and looks like a lock to make the roster.
  2. Cortland Finnegan- Finnegan was all over the field last night.  He tipped the ball that Alterraun Verner picked off, and I am pretty sure that Sam Bradford had nightmares about him last night because he was in Bradford's face all night long.  The idea of Jerry Gray to put Finny in the nickel and let him blitz looks like a very good one.
  3. The interior offensive line- The biggest question mark this offseason, outside of who was going to play quarterback, was the interior offensive line.  They were terrible last night year, but they were blowing holes wide open for the running backs last night.  I have had faith that Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews could fix them.  They sure look like they are on the way to doing just that early on.