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Rams 17 Titans 16 Quick Recap

That game got really boring in a hurry. Besides Michael Griffin biting on a pump fake on the first play of the game, there really weren't many big plays from either side.

I was really impressed by what I saw from Jamie Harper tonight. He ran down hill a lot better than last week, and he even punished a defensive back at the end of a run unlike last week. He went a long was tonight in proving to me that he deserves a spot on this roster.

The offensive line played really well tonight. That was good to see after the questions surrounding that group last season.

Cortland Finnegan had a really good night. He tipped the ball that led to Alterraun Verner's interception and was putting pressure on the quarterback blitzing from the nickel. Terry McCormick asked on Twitter why the previous staff never thought to do that with Finnegan. That is a really good question.

Don't read too much into Jake Locker's numbers from tonight. He did miss on a couple of throws, but he was running for his life most of the night and wasn't able to step into very many throws. He didn't play as well as he did last week, but he didn't play as poorly as 8-18 with a pick and 35 QB rating.

Stafon Johnson was also impressive tonight. I still don't think he makes this team, but he might have put some tape out there that would make another team want to take a chance on him.