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Chris Johnson In Nashville; No Plans to Meet with the Titans

Jim Wyatt reported on Twitter earlier today that Chris Johnson is currently in Nashville, but that he has no plans to meet with the team. He has a house here, and according to Wyatt, had some business to take care in town. Wyatt says no progress has been made in regards to a contract.

So if someone tells you that there cousin sees CJ in Nashville this weekend it could actually be true, unfortunately it doesn't mean that they are anywhere close to getting a deal done.

I still say this thing is done the week before the first game of the season, but it sure would be nice if they would speed it along and get him some reps with the team and in the new offense before they are that close to playing games that count.

I do find it pretty funny that the time Johnson plans to come to Nashville to take care of his business is when the team is out of town.