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Titans vs. Rams: Titans Roster Bubble Players To Watch

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The players that are on the roster bubble haven't changed much during camp. The guys that are really in battles are still at receiver, defensive tackle and safety. Here is a brief look at each:

Wide Receiver: They keep saying that Justin Gage is the #3, but I think Lavelle Hawkins proving he can play can push 12 Gage off this roster. Gage has a pretty high cap number, around $3 million, for a guy that is only going to be a part time player. I also want to see them get Marc Mariani more involved in the offense. If they feel confident that Hawk, Mariani, and Damian Williams can shoulder the load if Kenny Britt or Nate Washington go down, they shouldn't be hesitant to cut Gage loose.

Defensive Tackle: At this point I would be shocked if Zach Clayton didn't make this team, so Jovan Haye, who also has a big cap number, is fighting for his life. He is going to have to make a few big plays or all the weight he gained if the offseason will have been for naught.


Safety: I really think Hope and his $6 million dollars are safe, but there is still the chance they could cut him loose if they think they can get the same production from Jordan Babineaux. Vincent Fuller is owed $2 million this year, and they aren't going to pay him that to be a back-up. I have always been a fan of Vinny, so I would love to see him stick, but it is time for him to show up and make a play.