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Titans vs. Rams: What to Expect from the Rams

I asked VanRam from Turf Show Times to give us a few thoughts on what we would see from the Rams tonight. Here is what he had to say:
The lockout, the lack of an offseason, a new offensive coordinator, all of it adds up to more playing time for the Rams' starters this week. On defense the coaches will sub in players, newer guys, since this is the third year for most starters. QB Sam Bradford will lead the offense for maybe the entire first half as they look to get that offense fully installed. Steven Jackson will even see a few plays against the Titans. He usually doesn't play much in the preseason.

Last week, the offense looked pretty sharp, better than most Sundays last year even. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels stuck to the run against the Colts, and it worked well. It was a particularly good outing for the offensive line. Indianapolis was without some of their biggest names. I expect the Rams to throw more this week as they try to implement the offense and sort out a crowded wide receiver picture.

Speaking of the receivers, Titans' fans will recognize Mike Sims-Walker. It looked like he might miss this week with a minor injury, but he's been practicing at full speed. He also sounds very motivated to establish himself as the unquestioned number one receiver. He's done well in practice. He looks to have a lead on a starting job.

Thanks to VanRam for taking the time to do this.