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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Tuesday Report and Links

Jake Locker appears to be impressive early in camp. He has had his troubles, but he seems to be impressive overall. It doesn't appear that the lockout has put him that far behind. There is little doubt that he was working on some of the things that ailed him in college during the time off, and there is no doubt he has the arm to be an NFL QB. You can't coach that.

Here is some of what Mike Munchak had to say about Locker after tonight's practice:

(on Jake Locker making nice throws on the run)

Well that’s the huge plus for young guys. You know if he does make a mistake or there is nobody open he can extend the play. You saw him doing some of that today like you said, and the receivers have to get used to what to do when that happens. And he’s not looking to run, but even in any period out here its encouraging to see that because that’s going to happen in the slate. He’s going to miss the thing every so often, or there will be nobody open, or maybe pressure; but that just shows you that he…we feel that’s one of his you know big attributes. He has great speed and he can go make a play with his legs.

(on Locker’s accuracy on the run)

Well, yeah well we know he’s got that. That’s something he’s always had a gift at doing. So, yeah we hope he doesn’t have to run that often. I mean we’re going to set up stuff where he is set to move out and move the pocket because I think that frustrates defenses. But hopefully he can sit in the pocket a lot more and not have pressure.

It was encouraging tonight to see this series of tweets from Jim Wyatt (@jwyattsports):

Jake Locker just threw a heck of a ball to former TSU receiver Joe Hills for a completion
QB Jake Locker just made a really good throw running to his left. Lavelle Hawkins caught it out of bounds, but it was an impressive toss

After a fumbled snap from Locker:

As I was typing last tweet, Locker made another nice throw downfield to WR Lavelle Hawkins. He's having a good night

I am excited to see what he looks like when the Titans take the field in a week and a half against the Vikings.

Terry McCormick was also impressed with what he saw from Locker on Tuesday night.

Ryan Mouton appeared to suffer a pretty serious injury tonight and was seen in a boot and on crutches in the locker room.

Jim Wyatt asked Ahmard Hall what he thought about Chris Johnson not being in camp, and his answer is about what you would expect:

"I am not going to get into that," Hall said. "I think C.J. deserves to get paid, and everyone feels the same way. I’ll let him and the front office deal with that. … I am just here to play football, here to do my job. I think the C.J. thing will take care of itself."